Religious significances are all around.

I am thankful for this site and look forward to it in English so I can help to put the word out about GOD’S works.

I am a man of GOD. I have a website that shows the clouds that pass
by the area where I live. I often sit and watch and photograph the clouds. I believe GOD is calling me with these images. Visit my site and you will see for yourself that we’re not alone and it seems GOD has chosen this way to communicate with me (us). Angels, chariot with horses pulling, crosses, numbers, walking man, horse, and more incredible images I have taken and even some I did not have my camera but explain the visions on my site.  This website runs along the same lines in which I live daily.  Thanks for having such a site as Faceglory! I am looking forward to meeting some real believers. I often look at the clouds because I know that there is more than one way that GOD speaks to his people.